Burigi-Chato National Park

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The Burigi-Chato National Park traces its origin back to the 1970s when it had acquired the status of a National Game Reserve. Covering more than 2,200 square kilometers, the park is now ranking the third among National Parks in Tanzania after Ruaha and Serengeti National Parks in terms of the size. BurigiChato National Park comprises the grassland areas of the African Savannah. This iconic destination is set among the pictorial beauty of the lakes and riverside which is a delight for the eyes of the tourist. It has abundance and varieties of wildlife ranging from carnivores, herbivores to rare species of birds and is a must-visit as part of the Tanzania Safari Tours.
Burigi-Chato National Park Location
Located close to the border of Lake Victoria and the border of Rwanda, this national park is surrounded by the wondrous waters of the Kagera River and Lake Burigi. Burigi Chato National Park Locations thriving all year round and tourists are keen to see the wondrous beauty of the place.
How to get there at Burigi Chato  National Park
To get to the national park you can take a flight to Mwanza or Kagera region (Bukoba) to Chato airport. From there you can take a cab drive to Burigi national park which will take us like 5 hours drive to the park. Reaching the place is relatively easy and various public and private transports are easily available.
What to expect in Burigi Chato National Park
While at BurigiChato National Park expect to see a numerous number of natural landscapes and magnificent mountainous sceneries. You will also be able to spot varieties of wildlife, the preserved ecological systems, and amazing lakes.
What to do in Burigi Chato National Park
There are different activities to do in BurigiChato national park. Some of them are:
1. Game drive wildlife Safari
2.Walking safari
3.Canoeing in lake Burigi
4.Photographic safari
5.Honeymoon safari
6.Nature hiking
7.Cultural safari
The visit to Burigi National Park will make your Tanzania Safari Toursmore enriching and fulfilling.