Machame Route, 7 Days Group Joining

Mount Kilimanjaro-Machame Route 7 Days Itinerary
  • Group size: 12 People
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  • Departure date: Every Friday

The Machame route, also known as the Whisky Route is one of the most scenic and recommended routes on Kilimanjaro. This popular route with paths through magnificent forests to gain a ridge leading through the moorland zones to the Shira Plateau. It then traverses beneath the glaciated precipices of the Southern Ice fields to join the Barafu Route to the summit. Because it can be done over longer periods and the incline is more manageable it has a much higher success rate to the summit than the rest of the routes.

Though 6 and 7-day programs are both available, the 7-day option is recommended for a better acclimatization transition.

Group Program Description

For more details please follow Machame Route 7 Days


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January 23, 2024

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